Complete Exercises
  • 02 Mar 2023
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Complete Exercises

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Combined with your regularly scheduled treatment sessions, recovery is possible when following the exercise program designed by your therapist. Let’s review how to view your prescribed exercises and see the sets and reps that were indicated by your therapist.

  1. From anywhere in the app, press the icon.

  2. Then, select Today’s Exercises.

MYSelectPT_Mobile App_App Functions_Exercises_Todays Exercises Button.jpg

  1. Today’s date is displayed and the exercises will be listed in the order your therapist designed. Choose the top exercise to begin.

MYSelectPT_Mobile App_App Functions_Exercises_Top Exercise.jpg

  1. The exercise video will start playing automatically. If indicated by your therapist, you will see the number of sets and reps you should perform. If the exercise requires any resistance weights or bands, they will also be listed.

MYSelectPT_Mobile App_App Functions_Exercises_Exercise Video.jpg

  1. Use the Description tab to see written instructions on performing the exercise.

MYSelectPT_Mobile App_App Functions_Exercises_Exercise Description.jpg

  1. If you are experiencing pain or if you are having difficulty completing an exercise, use the Feedback tab to inform your therapist.

MYSelectPT_Mobile App_App Functions_Exercises_Exercise Feedback.jpg

  1. Once you have completed the exercise for the day, use the Next button at the bottom to view the next exercise.

MYSelectPT_Mobile App_App Functions_Exercises_Next Button.jpg

  1. Continue Steps 4-7 until all daily exercises have been completed.

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