Complete Exercises
  • 02 Mar 2023
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Complete Exercises

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  1. Ensure you are on the Exercises tab.

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab.jpg

  1. Click Begin Routine

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab_Begin Routine.jpg

  1. Your first exercise will appear in a new window. You have the option of viewing the video, reading a text description, and verifying the number of sets and reps prescribed. Use this information to perform the exercise.

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab_Exercise Window.jpg

  1. If needed, you can Submit Feedback to your therapist and even indicate the difficulty you experienced. Click here for more information on Exercise Feedback.

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Messages_Send Feedback to Therapist_Submit Feedback.jpg

  1. Once finished, click Mark as Complete. You will be redirected to the Exercises tab.

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab_Mark as Complete.jpg

  1. You will now see a table that displays the Elapsed Time since you started the routine, the number of Completed Tasks, and the number of Tasks Remaining.

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab_Exercise Stats.jpg

  1. Below this, use the previous, pause, and next icons to view exercises or to take a break.

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab_Navigation Icons.jpg

  1. Optionally, select the Autoplay checkbox to implement a 3-second break before the next exercise automatically begins.

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab_Autoplay.jpg

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab_Exercise Stats_Next Exercise Countdown.jpg

  1. Once the routine has been completed, select Submit Routine to record your progress.

MYSelectPT_Patient Portal_Exercises Tab_Submit Routine.jpg

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